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The Autumn Tree

autumn treeThe ingredients of a soul shaking album:
Celtic Harp, apassionata strings and the amazing voice of Barbary Grant. This is "The Autumn tree" of De Nobile which will be available in 2014.

The singer Barbary Grant is a highly renowned vocalist and harper within Celtic communities. She sings- and articulates fluently- in all three Goidelic languages: Scots Gaelic, Irish, and Manx. Five days a week, Barbary works as a hospital musician at Stanford University and El Camino Hospitals. With wheels strapped to the base of her harp, she moves through the hospitals playing soothing music for patients, families, and staff everywhere from the newborn nurseries to Intensive Care Units.

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The Munich composer presents his CD “Immortem”

His music sounds ever so melancholy and sensual, like the great Ennio Morricone, as well as opulent and powerful, as felt on the ‘Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack. The Munich composer De Nobile is a young master of new, classical music. Now he finally is releasing his first oeuvre: the CD “Immortem” (Label: Schallzauber Laboratories/ Release date: 20 Sept 2010).

Music at its Best:
Contemporary classical music from De Nobile

De Nobile’s premiere is a captivating and fairy-tale like musical journey through enchanted forests, underworlds and royal palaces. His 13 compositions with titles like “Genesis”, “Ad Astra” or “Secret Market” captivate you through their symphonic elegance, impressive choral vocals, as well as take you through calming and atmospheric passageways.

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charity appeal

support peta As an animal rights activist and vegetarian since his sixth year of life, De Nobile supports PETA. If you love animals too, please support PETA. Thank you!

Vegetarianism is moral and ethical: give the devastating consequences of meat eating on an individual, social and ecological level, as thinking, caring beings we should choose vegetarianism. Many great philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Leo Tolstoy, and George Bernard Shaw have taught the morality of vegetarianism.

opera singer G.Leone

New album in production:
The sicilian opera singer and tenor "Gaetano Leone" will join the mature musical worlds of De Nobile, which will play the sounds by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Choirs.

The new Album with De Nobile feat. Gaetano Leone will probably be released summer 2011.


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