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Music at its Best: New, Modern, Classical Music from De Nobile

De Nobile has let go of traditional classical music and has developed something new and modern. Yes, orchestral arrangements, but fresh, spirited and imaginative. Since star violinist David Garrett, the 38 year old is the perfect representative for classical music as well as music for film for the next generation, full of desire and passion reinterpreted.

The mature musical worlds of De Nobile are the result of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Choirs, in which the newcomer digitally brought in instruments to combine into an entirely new and imaginative experience.

Background Information:
De Nobile is one quarter French, one quarter German, and one half Italian. He already discovered his creative talent at the age of eight when sitting in his grandfather’s attic, the house of the renowned Swiss painter, Walter Dubreau, with whom he learned how to play the piano. In the following years, he developed even further his enormous musicality. His first compositions always were a new experiment in sound. At 14, De Nobile, who to this day does not like to read music, already had his own small recording studio.

Among his italian relatives from whom he inherits his proud De Nobile family name, he gives credit to one of his other passions: philosophy, and he thanks his grandfather and family, who still today lives on the Amalfi coast by Naples.

De Nobile is an animal rights activist and vegetarian since his sixth year of life.
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